boys + doTERRA

i have boys.  we have MANY bumps, falls, bruises, cuts, scrapes, some with blood, some without.  i have boys.  my oldest isn’t the stablest or most coordinated guy in the world…he’s a work in progress!  but he is a great essential oil experiment daily!  🙂 what I am learning as a mom who uses essential oils on her family is it’s all about trial and error.  one thing works great for me and not as great for my husband.  same with my kids.  lavender helps my youngest sleep well…but it has the reverse effect on my 3 year old.  (who knew…so glad we figured this out early on!)  but after trying several oils we found that roman chamomile works wonders and he now sleeps all night, most nights unless our schedule is really off!  this truly is a breakthrough since we went almost 2 years with him constantly waking and coming into our rooms EVERY night.

but by far the biggest testimony I have to date with using doTERRA essential oils is my son’s bruise.  big deal, a bruise? you might say.  well, wait till you see the picture.  we were at church talking with friends while the kids ran around in the courtyard.  my son rarely cries even if he’s hurt.  he comes stumbling over to me sobbing, saying something that I couldn’t make out.  i am not concerned yet, just asking what happened.  then one of our friends says “oh my gosh, look at his head!”  i look and under his hair is the largest knot I have ever seen. praise the Lord there was no blood…I would have lost it!  somehow I stayed calm and dropped all my things to see what I could do.  i had just been to an essential oils class the night before which was fresh on my mind so it was a quick answer as to what to do.  i grabbed my small 5ml bottles from my starter kit (that I recommend having for this very reason) they are always in my purse.  i quite literally poured lavender into the palm of my hand…maybe a few drops t0o many but I’m sure it helped with the pain.  i rubbed it all over his forehead all the while trying to calm him and tell him it was going to be ok.  then I grabbed my frankincense knowing that it is anti-inflammatory PLUS it enhances the properties of the first oil you apply.  and boy did we need the pain reliever of lavender right now.  so again I pretty much poured frankincense into my palm and rubbed it on his forehead following the lavender. (about 10 min later I did apply some arnica cream as well.)  we did this same routine about 4 times that day and applied ice whenever my son would tolerate it.

the pictures start in the top left corner and go clockwise.  these are my documented results.

  • 1st picture – immediately following accident once in the car
  • 2nd picture – 2nd application of oils when we got home before nap
  • 3rd picture – 3rd application of oils after nap (added some Deep Blue oil)
  • 4th picture – 4th application of oils after dinner/before bed.


the change is shocking for only being in an 8 hour time-span!  several nurses and experienced mom’s of boys told me it should have actually been worse not better…more swelling, etc. by bedtime.  nope, there was a bruise, but no bump by bedtime!  I was and still am kind of shocked at the results.  i hope this encourages you to experiment with your current oils or try some if you haven’t already. i know for a fact that this occurrence solidified my belief in the products we are using and we now go to our ‘essential oils cabinet’ for EVERYTHING first…then to a physician if needed. please feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me for more information.



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